Wednesday, 31 August 2011

10m Slim Jim antenna

I can't take much credit for this. The original 2m Slim Jim was designed by Fred Judd G2BCX, who lived in Norfolk before he became SK some years ago.

This 10m one, made from 450 Ohm slotted ribbon cable from Moonraker and secured on an 8m fishing pole, was inspired by Jim Bacon G3YLA (also a fellow Norfolk ham) who brought one along to our annual “Radio by the Seaside” event.

It worked so well (beating a Rybakov vertical by about 6 S points) that I thought it needed more attention.

The result is attached - it took a lot of fiddling to optimise the length, cut out and feedpoint, but now you don't need to!

Download the PDF construction information


  1. Hi Steve,

    How does this aerial compare to the EFHW as described in your stealth antennas book?

    Ian MW0IAN

  2. Not sure yet - I would imagine they will be very similar. Hope to do a back-to-back test this week (weather permitting).

    Also need some signals to hear!

    Steve G0KYA

  3. I want to use this design on 6M any dimension hints or links to something already done..tnx gene wd5fdl

  4. You could take the dimensions of this one and scale for 51 MHz. That is, if this was designed for 28.5 MHz just multiply everything by 0.559. It will be in the ballpark.

    Steve G0KYA